Join us!

Dear winegrowers, if you are interested in joining us on Ljubljana Wine Route contact our colleague Vanja Sitar at vanja.sitar@proevent.si .

We are kindly inviting to participate:

  • winegrowers and winemakers
  • sponsors

  • Media partners
  • All, connected to the world of winegrowing nad making

The Festival is attended by:

  • restaurants and hotels,
  • businessmen,
  • journalists,
  • traders,
  • wine salons,
  • winegrowers and winemakers,
  • sommeliers,

  • oenologists,
  • members of winemakers and wine-growers′ associations,
  • members of wine fraternities and other wine associations,
  • knights of wine,
  • wine queens and
  • wine lovers

Applications and Forms of  Participation:

More information on participating in the 22nd edition of the Slovenian Wine Festival are available at the link below


Applications are available till October 10, 2019 at the link below:

For more information on participation possibilities we are available at the Here >.

Looking forward to your cooparation

The Slovenian Wine Festival Team