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Ljubljana Wine Route application form

Submission procedures:

  1. Please submit all the information requested in the form below
  2. Check that the form is complete and if there is any missing information.
  3. By clicking the SUBMIT button, your application will be submitted and as such legally binding.
  4. You will receive the content of the form and a confirmation to the valid e-mail address you provided when you registered.
  5. All prices quoted in the e-Application are exclusive of 22% VAT, which is borne by the individual subscriber.
  6. Unless otherwise specified, all prices are valid for the entire duration of the event and not for a single day.
  7. General Terms and Conditions can be found HERE


Participation in the Ljubljana Wine Route amounts to 300,00€

The price of a one-day performance includes:

  • a standard equipped stand (counter and signboard) on which you can present any number of your products;
  • providing visitors with wine glasses;
  • basic entry on the official website and mention in the list of winemakers and culinary experts on the map of the event;
  • promotion of the event;the possibility of renting a casting container and ice container;
  • ice supply.
Ljubljana Wine Route application

Application for a promotional stand:

We announce participation in the event:

Extra promotion options:

Na spletni strani
Roll up panel
Promo material
- post on Facebook profile
- sponsored post worth 50 eur on Facebook profile
- exposure of a post on our Instagram profile
- exposure on our Instagram story during the festival
Terms and conditions

– Applications are not available yet..


  • You also accept the general conditions of participation by applying,
    published on the website under the EXHIBITORS tab;
  • The application is valid only with the payment of the offer.


  • Deadline for delivery of promotional material for info points: June 12th 2024